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The PrintSign display is a new, just-released, innovative display that allows you to print your own signs, posters & flyers, with your printer and the very easy-to-use PosterMyWall drag-n-drop editor which has over 100,000 templates. Also you can design and print any type of custom signs from LED, Neon, Chalkboard, Wood, HD photos, etc. in 1000’s of colors. You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity.

This new product launch includes…

 – PrintSigns display
 – HD Photo Paper (8.5 x 11 – 50 pack)
 – 11 Key RF Wireless Remote
 – 9 inch Torpedo Level


The High Definition prints can then be displayed brightly on your establishment’s counter tops, desk tops or walls and in store/office windows. With additional low-cost options, these signs can be much more noticeable, interactive and portable.

With the use of the RF Wireless Remote, PrintSigns transforms from a bright backlit signage display, into a dynamic display that can flicker, strobe, glow, pulsate just to name a few modes. 

PrintSigns revolutionary signage sign display allows you to take control of your advertising and get your signs, flyers and posters noticed as never before.  PrintSigns displays are very affordable compared to the one-off signage options that cannot transform into various types of signage like business signs, neon signs, chalkboard signs and led signs all in one display.

Advertising Features to Promote your Business

Strategically placed at eye-level, the bright PrintSign display can be easily seen by passersby whether by foot or vehicle traffic. The optional Wireless Remote with 10 different attract mode selections, makes the PrintSign display interactive with passersby. You can create unlimited signs, posters or flyers on demand quickly without sourcing out your signage needs which can take days.

The use of QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) printed on your signs, can instantly lead mobile phone and tablet passersby to offers, products, services, discounts, coupons and/or videos on your website. Once the QR Codes are scanned by a phone's camera app, the user will then be directed to your website for the information you want them to see.

The FREE online PosterMyWall drag-n-drop app allows you to simply create and print your own HD signs within 5 minutes. The signs can then be brightly displayed on the PrintSign display. With over 100,000+ FREE business templates to choose from, this allows you to take control of your advertising and get your signs noticed as never before!



Create amazing signs, posters and flyers with the easy FREE online drag-n-drop editor which features over 100,000+ business templates for every niche and occasion…

PosterMyWall features FREE downloads and low price upgrades for HD formats.

Just search for your business niche or occasion, select a template of your liking and just swap out the images and text with yours. Then save, download and print.

Click here to go directly to www.PosterMyWall.com!

For complete PosterMyWall editing instructions, click on the following…
The Complete Guide to PosterMyWall for Businesses

Check out the YouTube video below titled “Create a PosterMyWall Sign in less than 5 minutes” for a step-by-step from start to finish which features how to select a template, editing the template with your own content, downloading and printing the new sign, poster or flyer to your own printer. 

Below the following video, you’ll see just a snapshot of the over 100,000+ business templates available for every niche and occasion…


Signage & Signs FAQs

Most Important Answers for Business Advertising

PrintSigns aimed at passersby can be particularly effective for sales promotions, product and service launches, customer notices and branding. Storefront windows can also display frequently changing pricing on anything from last-minute vacations to concerts, coming attractions tickets.

Some retailers are using PrintSigns signage as the main marketing statements for their newest products and services that may not be so visible inside an establishment, as customers are preocupied or distracted by the inside surroundings.

Food services operators – from quick service restaurants to more formal dining establishments – are using outside-facing PrintSigns displays to show menus, highlight special offers and give consumers a better sense of the dining experience within.

Visibility is the key to success in retail signage. Just how visible is your retail signage? No matter how perfectly designed or cleverly written your signage is, it will ultimately have very little effect on your store’s traffic or sales if it isn’t visible.

Signs that are located in areas which are highly visible almost always outperform their counterparts in quieter, less easily noticeable locations. The location of your signage can have a huge impact on its effectiveness; however, a PrintSign display can make people look from any location because of the attract mode function of the display.

The greater the number of people that pass by your sign, the more people will see it and take action. The difference between one location and another can often be a four or 10 times increase in the amount of passersby your signage generates.

The easier your signage is to read, the greater its response rate will be. Choosing a font that’s complex and difficult to decipher might fit your store’s brand, but it will usually hurt the effects of your retail signage.

The best fonts to use in retail signage are bold, crisp, clear and powerful. That’s where a simple drag-n-drop online template editor like PosterMyWall.com (with over 100,000 already made templates by graphic artists) can make this task as simple as exchanging a selected template’s images and text with your own. 

These eye-grabbing templates already have the layouts, colors, fonts (which can all be simply edited) already have the power and presence that makes them stand out from the crowd, but they aren’t too complex or decorated to be read easily by passersby.

Even though the PrintSign display can make any sign or poster be noticed at relatively any distance; the greater the level of contrast in your sign, the more visible it will be. Powerful and high-contrast color combinations – such as white on black or yellow on blue – stand out from a distance and make your content leap out of its surroundings.

Choose a high-contrast color combination that matches your branding and makes noticing and reading your signage easy. At the same time, avoid overdoing it with colors that clash and make your signage readable but aesthetically unpleasing.

How personal is your signage? The best marketing messages are highly personal and written to connect with their target audience. By using words like “you” and “your,” you can make your sign’s copy far more effective in achieving its goals.

People naturally respond to marketing offers that focus on them. Focus on using words that create familiarity and personality in your signage and you’ll create a deeper connection with the people you’re targeting.

At the same time, make sure action is a priority. Develop all of your signage with a clear call to action so that people know exactly what to do once they’ve understood your establishment’s value proposition.

QR Codes & Your Business

How can QR Codes help your Business, Signs, Flyers and Posters

QR Code marketing is a proximity marketing channel that leverages quick response (QR) codes to bridge the gap between offline and online channels. These QR codes are put up in strategic locations for consumers to scan using their smartphone and access information about the product, brand or offers.

If QR code is not a part of your offline marketing strategy yet, you might be missing out. QR codes are being extensively used for driving traffic, generating customer interest and increasing sales. Think coupons, ratings and reviews, social media awareness and contest entries! Some of the QR code use-cases are listed below…

  • Drive Traffic to your Business
  • Generate Customer Interest
  • Engage and Interact with Passersby

Here are some crucial pointers to be kept in mind while creating and printing QR codes. QR codes should not only be beautiful but also functional and compelling for consumers to scan…

  • Give consumers a reason to scan: Include a call to action along with the QR code. Using a QR code frame is a good option.
  • Customize it to fit the marketing campaign: Avoid using black and white QR codes. Make it attractive and personal by customizing it with brand color and logo.
  • Engage and Interact with PassersbyPlace the QR code strategically: Use high contrast QR codes that are easily scannable. Avoid using a dark background for QR codes. This reduces the readability of the QR code.
  • Do not distort the QR code: While resizing the QR code on posters or billboards, make sure you maintain the proportion. Use shift+drag to resize QR codes. A distorted QR code is difficult to scan.
  • Make sure the QR code stands out: Maintain whitespace around the QR code. This helps the scanners to distinguish the QR code from its surroundings.
  • 6. Avoid using multiple QR codes in one poster: It’s usually difficult when you use QR codes to drive app downloads. Do not use 3 different QR codes for App Store, Play Store and Windows App Store. Instead, create a QR code with a universal link that redirects to different app stores depending on the device being used for scanning.
  • Use high-quality QR codes: Pick the right size of the QR code for your use-case. Make sure the QR code is not blur. Not only does this give a poor impression of the campaign, but also becomes difficult for scanners to scan them.
  • Maintain the scan distance to the QR code size ratio: For effective scanning, the ratio of scan distance to QR code size is 10:1. Make sure you use bigger QR codes for billboards than you would use for an in-store poster.
  • Consider scanning time: Avoid printing QR codes on moving vehicles because depending on the smartphone and the scanner, the scanning time differs. The time required to scan a QR code on a truck might not be sufficient.
  • Link your QR code to a mobile-optimized campaign webpage: If you are using Beaconstac’s platform to create landing pages (markdown cards) they are designed for mobile.
  • Always test your QR codes before printing: QR codes if too small or blurry fail to be scanned. It’s best to test from printing to avoid redistribution of a QR code on print media.

Installation Tips

Installing your PrintSign display...

The instructional video below, will help you to easily set up your interactive PrintSign display within minutes. Once the set up is complete, you will be able to take control of your advertising by creating your signs on demand to promote any of your products, services and anything else you can imagine. Your PrintSign will get your signs, posters and/or  flyers noticed like never before.

Once your interactive PrintSign display is installed, you can change out your advertising within 30 seconds. No more waiting for the signage shop to create and deliver new signs, flyers or posters that are expensive and can take days or weeks to deliver. Also, because your PrintSign display is mounted at eye level, it will get even more attention from passersby than giant signs that cost thousands of dollars and people have to go out of their way to notice. 

PrintSign Reference Guide

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